Friday, January 30, 2009

Court Date in Ghana

We've known for a while now that our case for adopting Saviour is ready to be presented in court in Ghana. It was supposed to take place by the end of this week. I guess it was postponed to Tuesday though. Kingsley doesn't expect any issues at hopefully we will have an official adoption decree by Tuesday!!!

Steve is planning on flying out within a few days of hearing we have an adoption decree. Our Visas (good for 2 years in Ghana) came today. Steve will file the I600 with the American Embassy when he goes, then he will spend time with Saviour, getting to know her in her environment. He will volunteer at the orphanage/school too and maybe do a little sight-seeing. I am not going to Ghana until we know Saviour has a Ghanaian passport and we have received word from the embassy that the I600 cleared. When I go, I will need to file paperwork for her Visa. I will stay for a couple of weeks with her too, then bring her home!!!

With all the confusion about Saviour's name, we were going to let her decide what she would like to be called. But we just found out we need to give the official name to Kingsley by Monday. Maybe we will be calling Saviour this weekend to discuss it with her. It's just hard to get her to talk on the phone, so I don't know if we will have much luck getting her to tell us what name she likes.

We got another email from Stephanie today...and more info about Saviour. Here is what she had to say:

"Saviour Anita has been a brave girl this week. She was taken to the clinic with 3 others and sent through a round of testing. When it came time to draw blood I thought I was going to cry for her. They poked and dug around and could find no vein. They finally went through her hand (where they put an IV) to draw blood. She held her eyes but did not shed a tear. Then she boasted later she was brave despite the ordeal. This girl is unabashed. She is now bold enough with me to demand chocolate or whatever else I have or she thinks I have. She loves to come around and play with my hair. She was upset that my hair was cut (she had seen pictures from when it was long). The new German girls have incredibly long hair and the other night she played hair salon. She has a fascination with hair and long hair. She wants long hair desperately. Last weekend a relative took her to get extensions and she likes it, but it is all braided and she wants "flowing" hair. She is quite clever and her English is pretty good. She is helpful with Samuel and likes to play with me (of course there is that hope I will bring out the candy!) She is so fun. Her measurements are 45" tall, chest 22" waist 22" Hips 25" neck to shirt length 19" hip to ankle 24" underarm to wrist 12" wrist 4.5"."

So there's your update. I can't wait to see a picture of her with extensions. I can't believe her hair is long enough for extensions....last picture I saw it was very short.


Justin and Jamie said...

It looks like things are coming together. I hope everything goes well and before you kow it she'll be home with you! Good luck! I'll be thinking about you guys.

Ginny and Ben said...

Good luck in court! That's great that they can get court papers turned around so fast...ours took a month to get processed.

Lois said...

Fun to see you the other night! Let me know about her name, you can change it later. My Lily (the proud name sake :) says spell Lily the easiest way, she will be happier in school! lol
THANK YOU for the extra baggage for the kids, I think I appreciate you more!

happy mom said...

good luck with your new adoption, I really enjoy finding good adoption blogs and have nominated you as a kreativ blogger