Sunday, January 11, 2009

Text Me!

What's up with conversation hearts these days? You know, those cute pastel hearts with a little Valentine's Day message. When I was young, they said things like:

"Best Friends"
"I Love You"
"Say Yes"
"Hug Me"
"Be Mine"

I was at Walmart, my favorite store, (yeah right), when I saw a package of conversation hearts. I thought it would be fun to send some with my friend Stephanie to the Luckyhill orphanage. After all, they speak English and this would probably be something fun for them. Maybe she could tell them about Valentine's Day and how you leave a secret message for someone you love or admire and have the kids write a note to someone and eat some candy. (I always come up with what I think would be a great plan in my head and for some reason they never end up being very practical.)

I started to read the messages on the hearts. Some that I read were:

"Text Me!"
"You Rock"
"Email Me"
"You're Cool"
"Fax Me"
"Get Real"

There went that great, but not so practical plan!

So, if you read this blog...... "Comment Babe" ......Really, I'd love to hear from you!
"BFF" ;)


Samuel (and Parents) said...

We think along the same lines!!! I too was thinking of taking a bag of the conversation hearts hearts for the kids. I was thinking of something not too bulky or chocolatey/melty to take for the kids.
It is hilarious some of the different messages they put on them nowadyas though!!! I think I would explain what all the messages mean though (ex BFF) it might be fun to have some "conversations" about those things, especially with some of the kids headed this direction!!

Lois said...

How funny! Would be a perfect thing to send, but they may not want to come home! That would be great to put in a time capsule and pull out in maybe 10 yrs? By then we might not remember what we were talking about!

Mike and Hallie said...

Narda, I saw your blog on Christine's. What amazing experience for you to adopt from Ghana. Would you mind if we add you to our blog list? Also do you have somewhere on your blog more about how you came to this decisions and how you came to know this little girl? All our best!