Monday, January 19, 2009

Charlie Brown-iest

We got a Wii for Christmas. One of the activities you can do is create people called Miis. We've had fun creating all our family and friends as Miis. I created a Mii that we decided to call Charlie Brown because of the resemblance.
We created this Mii shortly after Christmas and I had forgotten about it. Sunday morning we were eating breakfast and Sierra told me that Savannah kept changing all the Miis. Savannah spoke up and said, "Madison got mad at me because I changed Charlie Brown." I asked how she changed him. She replied, "I made him brown like me. He is supposed to be brown. He's the Charlie Browniest!"

Here is her new Charlie Brown Mii.


Heidi said...

Very cute!

Your hair days sound like an adventure! I will now stop complaining about my hair days! :)

Oh & I heard you ran into my sis-in-law. Small world huh?

Lois said...

How funny! Charlie Browniest what a little smartie pants.

Melissa said...

awwweee!!! so cute. those two are so dang smart. i love having them in our little preschool.