Friday, May 29, 2009

Update on Children at Luckyhill

I think it is time to give an update on some of the children from Luckyhill that I have previously mentioned on my blog. I have had several people ask, so here it goes.

William has recovered remarkably from the burns on his legs. Here is the before and after pictures:

God has a way of working miracles. Because William's story was told, his parents were found. A family in Utah is adopting both William and Patience.

Vida, Steve's favorite, is being adopted by a family in Texas.
Kobe has also found his family. His family lives in Utah and are adopting a girl about Lilly's age as well as Kobe. They are an answer to my prayers. We seriously considered adopting Kobe and didn't understand why our answer from God was no, until we learned that this family's answer was yes. God is good.

I also want to tell you about two incredible boys. I am just going to copy this from another adoptive mother's blog because she tells their story so well and has created an adoption fund in their name for children with special needs. Here is their story.
I have struggled HARD CORE the last two weeks with how to make the biggest impact for the kids at Lucky Hill. Some will be adopted, some won't, some should be, some shouldn't. It's so hard. How do you reconcile those choices? How do you REALLY help? Two little boys inspired me and taught me what life is all about. Abeku and Aninda came to Lucky Hill starving. Abe (pronounced Ah-bay) is at least 7 years old. He is the size of my three year old. His brother Aninda is probably 4-5 years old and is the size of an 18 month old. They lost their parents and, we think, spent a long time caring for each other. Each morning I handed out granola bars to all the kids. It was a routine. I went to these two first. And even though I handed one to each of them every. single. morning, if Abe got it first he would RUN to Aninda and split his granola bar in half, just in case there wasn't going to be enough food that day. After a few days of witnessing this, and hearing their story, I know that Abe saved Aninda while they were on their own. He kept him alive. Can you imagine that responsibility? The responsibility of being 6 years old, watching your parents die, and knowing that your brother will be next if you don't stop it from happening. So you give your own food to do it? Abe is my hero.

The starvation has left lasting effects for these boys that will make Special Education necessary to their long term success. Special Education that can only be found in the U.S. What can we do for these boys? I prayed, brainstormed and finally came up with the idea for Abe's Fund. A no interest loan fund for the adoption of kids like Abe and Aninda, kids who need to come here for medical reasons. The fund will replenish itself as parents pay back what they have borrowed. This encourages people to adopt children with medical needs, because it makes the adoption practically free. But, the fund creates change for EVERY child like Abe and Aninda. Watch this video. If these boys touch your heart the way they did mine, please donate today.
I'm telling their story in hopes that somewhere their family will find them. They were always the first children to greet me as I pulled up in Kingsley's car, reaching their arms up for a hug. They are very loving children and have a soft spot in our hearts.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feeling So Blessed

We are so humbled and grateful to the many friends and family who helped with the yard sale. We had SO many donations of great stuff and yummy goodies for the bake sale! We had many helping hands in getting ready for the big event. It went better than expected and we had high aims!!!

I should have taken some pictures of the day, but was just too busy to go and get the camera. The sale officially started at 8 AM. At a bit after 9:00, Steve came to me and said, "The clock in the living room really is right! It really is only 9. We started setting up at 6:00 and by 9:00 had sold so many items already. As people realized this was a fundraiser, they went home and brought more things for us to sell, so even though we sold a lot, there was always more to sell.

We are donating some of the proceeds to our favorite orphanage...Luckyhill of course, and the rest will go toward our adoption loan. Thank you again to everyone who made this a big success!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

...And What Does Daddy Say?

Steve and I were working in the yard today, (technically yesterday, since it is now after midnight). One of our many tasks was checking the sprinkler system to see if any sprinkler heads needed to be replaced and to adjust them as needed. Savannah saw the water come on and asked if she could "go swimming" in the sprinklers. I told her it was too chilly so not today.

A few minutes later, she comes outside with her swimsuit on and asks me to help her fasten the strap in the back. I said, "Savannah, what did Mommy say about swimming today?" She didn't answer, so I added, "Mommy said 'no'".

To this she responded, "And what does daddy say?" That pretty much sums it up at our house. Needless to say, moments later Sierra and Lilly joined her outside with their suits to "swim" in the sprinklers. : )

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Adoption Fundraiser!

We, with the help of our great next-door-neighbors, are organizing a yard sale and bake sale to help pay some of our adoption expenses. The sale will be May 23rd. If you have anything you would like to donate, please drop them by my house anytime before the 23rd or contact me and we can pick them up.

If you want to make some goodies for the bake sale, send me an email or post a comment on the blog, so I can be in touch. Thanks for all the love and support!!!