Sunday, May 10, 2009

...And What Does Daddy Say?

Steve and I were working in the yard today, (technically yesterday, since it is now after midnight). One of our many tasks was checking the sprinkler system to see if any sprinkler heads needed to be replaced and to adjust them as needed. Savannah saw the water come on and asked if she could "go swimming" in the sprinklers. I told her it was too chilly so not today.

A few minutes later, she comes outside with her swimsuit on and asks me to help her fasten the strap in the back. I said, "Savannah, what did Mommy say about swimming today?" She didn't answer, so I added, "Mommy said 'no'".

To this she responded, "And what does daddy say?" That pretty much sums it up at our house. Needless to say, moments later Sierra and Lilly joined her outside with their suits to "swim" in the sprinklers. : )

Happy Mother's Day!!!


Lois said...

Hmmm, sounds like Dad is the push over at your house too! Happy Mother's day Narda, give our Lilly a hug. I know you are the PERFECT mother for all of your girls!

The Hullingers said...

Yeah, welcome to my day. He will probably deny it, but Daddy is the softie here for sure.
Sometimes I appreciate his softer influence on my often too-hard stance on things like playing in the sprinklers when it is 60 degrees. Sometimes I want to give him AND the kids a time-out.

Diane said...

Hmmm... Sounds familiar. Ryan is the fun one in our house too. :)

The Pizza Family said...

Dad was probably watching sports when they asked and didn't even hear the I right? I think the kids just check to see who is the most distracted and then ask them!

Ginny and Ben said...

Sorry, Narda - I made that last comment and then realized my babysitter was still logged in to her blogger account! Just in case you were wondering who Christie Pizza is...that was really me!