Thursday, January 29, 2009

Saviour Anita's Name and Personality

Our friend Stephanie is staying at Luckyhill right now. Here are a few things she has told us about Saviour Anita:

As related by Stephanie's husband:
"So, why is Anita Saviour only called Anita on her birth certificate? Well, simply because there was a mistake made on her birth certificate, so it is missing the name Saviour. Despite that, everyone still calls her Saviour, or Anita, or both. Steph said that even though she is shy, she follows her around everywhere and that she is very beautiful. That also goes for many of the other children, they are also shy and beautiful."

From Stephanie:
"Saviour Anita (how most call her) follows me around and loves when I rub her head. She is beyond fascinated with my hair and said she wants hair like mine. She is constantly playing with it when I sit down. She likes to stand behind me. All of the kids (and adults asked why I cut it and like it long) - but especially Saviour."

I think she will be disappointed that Madi had her hair cut!

Here is a picture that Lois found. She thinks it was taken back in May. The little boy next to her is named Christopher and he is also 5. Although they look a bit alike, we have been told they are not related.

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Heidi said...

Narda -- she is beautiful! How great that you get to have these little glimpses into her life and personality.