Thursday, January 1, 2009

Anita/Saviour/Lilly is 5

We learned some new information about Anita/Saviour/Lilly on Christmas Eve. Her birthday is November 1, she just turned 5. The twins' birthdays are November 16, 2004...just a year apart. We really were (not so secretly) hoping that she would be older than the twins and ahead of them in school.

I am really hoping we will get her home by early Spring, so that she can have a month or two going to the Early Learning Center and summer school before starting Kindergarten in the Fall. I think that would help her out with her English and she is used to going to school anyway.

We talked with her a little after midnight our time Christmas morning. She has such a sweet little voice. She even said "I love you" which of course melted our hearts.
As for the adoption process itself, Kingsley said that they are working on our papers. He asked us when we are coming to Ghana and Steve told him after our adoption is approved by the court. We have a friend going to Ghana this month to stay until March. We are excited about that because I think it will be easier for us to communicate with her through email to understand what is going on. I still have a hard time understanding Kingsley and I think he has a hard time understanding us. This also means maybe we will get some more pictures of Anita.

Which reminds me....Kingsley said her name is Anita Torde. Kingsley calls her Saviour. We asked him where she got the name Saviour, but didn't really understand what he was saying. So we still don't know why she goes by both names....and we still don't know what we will be calling her. I called her Anita on the phone when I talked to her, but Steve called her Saviour. She responded to both of us.
Here is a new picture of her. It's the same picture; I just cropped the one on the right so you can see her face better. What a doll!!!! Madison sent her the bracelet she is wearing and Madi was thrilled when she saw that she was wearing it.


Nathan and Dianna Wiley said...

Sounds so exciting about Lilly!! I have a good friend on a mission in Ghana, I wonder what type of connection he could have with anything you guys might need there. Let me know!! Good luck with everything!

Lois said...

I was so happy to give you the high five news! I can't wait to hear the story of all of her names. She does melt my heart too!