Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Court Rescheduled

We don't have the adoption decree we were hoping for today. Someone who needed to appear in court today was running late. By the time they arrived, court was already in session, so our adoption case was moved to Friday.

This morning while waiting for Lois's call, I couldn't sit still, so I went shopping. What else is a girl to do? Eat Chocolate??? Don't worry, I only bought stuff we need for our trip. I picked up our anti-malaria medication, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and travel-size everything from laundry soap to first aid kit. I also picked up vitamins for Lilly. (She's a bit anemic, so I thought Steve could start her on some vitamins with 100% daily iron .) Here's my stash of goods.

I spent a lot more today than yesterday and I got a lot more yesterday. My friend called me yesterday and told me there was a sale at Sweet Pea (a store in Tooele like Kid-to-Kid). They had 3 tables set up and you could fill a bag for $5. Also their $1.00 rack of clothes was only 25 cents. I spent a total of $6.25. I got 30 items. When I totalled what those items should have cost it was $116. I can really pack a bag. I'm sure my packing skills will come in handy trying to take all the donations we have received to the orphanage. :)

Oh, and by the way, her official name (at least on the adoption decree) is: Lilly Anita Saviour Emett. Try saying that 5 times fast!!!


BJ said...

OH, Narda-I am so happy for you. When does Steve plan to go down and then when do you go down?

Lois said...

You are now learning to play my favourite game in Ghana, it's called HURRY and WAIT!
Sweet deal on the clothes :)

Nicole said...

Way to go with the shopping! I'm really impressed!
So when you leave who will stay with your kids?
It sounds like it will be an incredible experience for your family!