Monday, February 23, 2009

Sticks...Doesn't Stick

Madison decided to do a project for the Science Fair this year. She partnered with her friend from next door, Hanna. They did their project completely on their own. They used a magnet and then tested items from around the house and took a digital picture of their results. They made a poster listing what sticks and what doesn't stick.

They ended up winning 1st place for their age group. Way to go Madi and Hanna!!!


Phyllisa said...

Yay Madi and Hanna! Good job girls!

Nathan was going to do a plant growth comparison, but dumped his plants a week before the fair. :( He was sad he missed it this year.

C&CSant said...

Way to go! That is such a good idea and I love your comment at the top about Steve! She looks so cute too!