Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We Are Adopting From Ghana

I guess it's time to start blogging to share our Ghanaian adoption journey. We decided to adopt internationally back in July. We saw a show about child slavery in Haiti, which led us on a path to international adoption. We decided not to adopt from Haiti, due to some challenges in Haiti right now slowing down adoptions there.

As Steve looked at options, he called me from work one day and said, "How about Ghana?" I joined an Adopt Ghana Yahoo group and sent out an email introducing our family and asking how we should go about adopting from Ghana.

I got a reply from someone in the process, named Jessica on July 23rd. She guided us to a school/orphanage called Luckyhill. We came to find out that Jessica lives in Utah too and that the person who will help us here in the U.S., Lois, lives in Heber, UT. Lois adopted from Ghana 10 years ago. She adopted Lillian who was the niece of a man named Kingsley. She has remained in contact with Kingsley all these years. After Kingsley married, he and his wife Gloria started a school for children in Ghana. The goal was to provide education to those who otherwise may not obtain it due to poverty or other circumstances. There are now 300 children attending the school and approximately 80 of them are orphans.

After speaking with Jessica and Lois, we felt that we were being led by the Spirit to Luckyhill. All the pieces were coming together too easily. As we fasted and prayed to know if this is what we should do, we felt strongly that this is the direction we should take. So.......

Now we are beginning the process. We have seen some pictures of some of the orphans and are going crazy at the idea of having to pick just one. :(
They are beautiful children and we would love to bring them all home. Our neighbor said we should just buy a 15 seat van and fill her up! LOL.

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HarleyAngel883L said...

What a beautiful picture of your girls!! I absolutly love it!