Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Information

Here is a picture of Saviour with Kingsley. I think you get a better perspective of her size in this picture. She looks like an older 3 to me. We don't know when her birthday is, but will hopefully find out soon. It looks like they are preparing a meal in the "kitchen" in the background.

We learned from Lois that Saviour speaks English!!! That will definitely help with the transition for her. We also know that she was abandoned by her mother...I would guess due to poverty.
A lot of you have asked when we will bring her here. It will take about 4 to 6 months to get all the paperwork done. Maybe January or February??? Now that we have seen her, we just can't wait.

We decided to use a different social worker. The first one I contacted costs almost twice as much as others. The second one has never sent me any paperwork and has never done an international homestudy for Ghana. The social worker I talked to yesterday was very nice. She said it shouldn't take too long, especially since we have a current domestic homestudy with LDS Family Services. She could come out to our house within a couple of weeks. I was impressed with her over the phone and she has done homestudies for Ghana before, which is a plus.

YIKES...Now we've really got to get finished with our home improvment projects. We are hoping to at least have the bathroom finished downstairs before she comes for the homestudy. We have all the stuff to finish it sitting in our garage just waiting to be installed. We need to grout the tile, install the cabinet, then the plumber will come and install the sink and toilet and fix the tub so the jets work....something got unattached.....hmm....maybe the twins? lol. Then, we just have to cover up the front of the tub to hide the motor and put tile there, hang the light, mirror, etc. and we are done! I'm not saying that Steve isn't a "handyman", but if any of you are, come on over! :)


Melissa said...

I know how to put down floor boards! i learned that recently

Samuel (and Parents) said...

I know the dilemma with Social Workers as well. We finally ended up with a good one that was quite inexpensive and she has done a WONDERFUL job. A Lois sais to us "You have to find one that 'fits' you!"
Good luck!!! wE are pulling for you!

day dreamer said...

oh..narda. you are so blessed! What a beautiful family you have and it continues to grow! It has been may years since you first brought madison home and we were there and now you have 2 more with one on the way. WOW! I am so glad steve found my facebook! Rebecca Vergara

Lois said...

Narda you told me that Saviour looked so much like the twins, but I can't believe it. I got goose bumps looking at the pictures! My first thought was they were triplets in Heaven, seperated at birth, but they have found each other, even though they have been oceans apart! If I would have seen the pics of the twins before, I WOULD have picked her for you!!!
You need to email Kingsley these pictures, he will shake his head and grin at all of us!