Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Paper Pregnancy

A lot of couples refer to adoption as a "paper pregnancy". There really is a lot of paperwork to do and we are finding it is even more so with international adoption. We have completed all of our paperwork for our home study and should be having a visit soon from the social worker.

I really wanted to have the bathroom finished downstairs before our home visit and thanks to friends who are handy (Teree Bentley and Chris Olson), I think we'll make it! ;)

We heard from Lois the other night. Saviour has been told she is being adopted and is happy about it. We are going to send a book with pictures of our family, house and dog to her with Jessica when she goes to get her 2 year old sometime soon.

While we are waiting for our home study to be completed, we are gathering documents needed for the dossier. We send a dossier of various documents (home study, birth certificates, pictures, medical information, etc.) to Ghana for their approval of us as an adoptive family. We also have to file a form with the INS to get permission to bring Saviour to the U.S. as an immigrant. We also need to get passports and lots still to do, but coming along.

We are going to be having an adoption yard sale in the early spring to help pay for this adoption. So start gathering things you don't want anymore...we'll take them off your hands. Our 2-car garage is already half full of items for the yard sale that have been donated! Thanks to everyone for your kind words and support of our family. We love you!!!


Samuel (and Parents) said...

I so hear you on the "Paper Pregnancy"! It is quite exciting to get all this done. Each step feels like such a relief and you know you are getting one step closer!
Good luck on your yard sale! We have been truly blessed in ours! we will pray for similar success for yours!

C&CSant said...

I don't have a lot to give, but we can come buy things!