Saturday, October 11, 2008

Steve's sister got married

Steve's youngest sister Shelly got married yesterday. It was a great day for a wedding. We were worried that it would be raining/snowing, but alas, the weather cooperated. She made a beautiful bride. As she came out of the temple for pictures, someone from another wedding party said, "OK, that bride looks like she is about 12 years old." I told her she is 28 and I don't think she believed me. She married Dave and they seem to be a great match. They get asked how tall they are everywhere they I'll tell....Dave is 6'8" and Shelly is 5'2". I just love weddings and always cry. It was really neat that all of Steve's family was able to be inside the temple together.

I liked something that the man who married them said. He had them look into the mirrors in the sealing room (the mirrors are located on opposite walls of each other). He told Shelly to look at Dave and Dave to look at Shelly through the mirrors. He asked how many images they could see. They answered that they could see many. The mirrors cause this effect, making it seem there is no end. Then he told each of them to look at themselves. He asked how many images they could see. They answered, "only one." He went on to say that is how it is in marriage, when we focus on each other, we see things in an eternal perspective, but when we think only of ourselves, we can only see the here and now. How true that is!

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Jason Cowling said...

How did I not know this, my family doesn't always tell me what's going on...I'm always the last to know?!I can't believe she's married, I mean as far as I know she is still 12 years old, when did everyone get all grown up??? This is great knowing that you have one of these pages also, it's nice being able to see what you're all up to, besides only catching up at Christmas. Sounds like everything is going well, just wanted to drop in and say "hi!" Tell Shelly congratulations and the rest of the family "hello" as well!