Friday, October 3, 2008

How Do You Pick?

So, we are trying to select which child we should adopt. This is so much harder than I thought. I guess I just figured that seeing a picture of our child would give me goose bumps. One little girl stood out to me. Her name was Precious. She is on the left. I think it was her smile and the light in her eyes. But I kept thinking as I looked at her that someone was going to adopt her, but not us. The next day, Lois called and said that someone had seen her and knew right away they were supposed to adopt her.

We looked at some of the other children and an 8 year old, Dorothy caught Steve's attention and an 11 year old, Patience had Madison's eye.
Then Lois emailed me another photo. It's a little 3 year old girl, named Saviour. When I pulled up her picture, I immediately thought she looked like Sierra and Savannah. Then, I heard the rest of the story. Lois just got home from Ghana. While she was there, she showed Kingsley a picture of our family. The next day, he wanted Lois to take Saviour's picture for us. We have not met Kingsley, but from what we have heard, he is very close to the Spirit and receiving spiritual promptings is a daily occurrence for him.

Lois called me later and told me that she had just spoken to Kingsley and he said, "I am not saying whether she is or isn't Saviour's mother; I am saying that she (meaning me) knows who Saviour's mother is." He also said that he knows Saviour is supposed to come to Utah...No pressure, right???

Steve and I have been fasting about this and are going to the temple tonight. We hope our searching will bring the answers. We haven't even seen any pictures of boys

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