Friday, October 2, 2009

What Does Drdl Spell?

Lilly is in Kindergarten now and loving it!!! She is learning that letters have sounds and sounds make words. The other day she showed Steve the word she had made.....drdl.

Steve looked and looked and couldn't figure out what it said. So he asked her what it spells. She said "durdle" in her still to be heard Ghanaian case you're still wondering what it spells, it spells turtle.

Another funny story. She came home the other day and was so excited to tell me that she got to move her clip to orange, her favorite color. I didn't understand what her clip was. Madi heard her though and told me that each classroom has clips with each child's name on it. If you do something wrong, you get a warning and move your clip to yellow. A second warning means you move your clip to orange and you miss recess. The third warning, you move your clip to red and you have to go to another classroom for "think time".

So, Lilly was so proud that she got her clip to her favorite color! I asked her what she was doing to move her clip to yellow. She was talking really loudly in the hallway on the way to the library. The second warning was because she wasn't listening to the teacher in class, she was talking to her friend instead. So, she understands why she moves the clip, but it just doesn't serve as a determent because she just loves orange.


Melissa said...

awwe! how cute! durdle! thats so cute. i have seen her walking home from school with the big kids a couple of times and she looks like she is just in heaven, so sweet.

FullPlateMom said...

I asked Juliana to say "turtle" after reading your post. It came out "teetle". She never says the "r" in any word. Trash comes out "talash". I think it's cute. I hope she doesn't lose it for a long time.

Lois said...

Isn't it odd what words still come out with her accent? Too cute. I'm glad she like orange and not red. I bet she stays on orange for a long long time!

SugarHouse Mama said...

Funny. Adjoa's fav color is orange too! I hope her class doesn't come up with a system like that. I'm afraid she'd forever be at orange.

The Hermy's said...

Oh that was some good reading. CUTE!!! I love that Lilly understood why she moved it to orange, but loved it cause it was her favorite color. That sounds like something my son would come home and say! Congrats on your families sealing. What an amazing opportunity for your family and children. Happy times :)