Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Several Months....Catching Up

I've been so lame about blogging lately that I thought I'd just catch you up by photos of the last several months. I hope you enjoy!

Summer camping trip.

BONDING!!! (A.K.A. getting into face paints w/o permission.)

Madi made the competition soccer team!

New hairdos for the three youngest. First time I have taken them to a salon.

We had Lilly sealed to us in the Salt Lake temple in August. She is now officially part of our "forever family"! It was a rainy, windy, wet day...so not many pictures.

Madi's birthmom and grandparents came for a visit. It was so fun showing them around!

First day of school! (They chose to wear matching outfits. They did this for about the first week of school. I guess it got old after that.)

Sierra and Savannah joined a soccer team. Lilly has chosen swim lessons beginning in November.


MommyBrec said...

OH MY GOSH! MADI HAS CHANGED SO MUCH since your last pictures!!!!!! She looks so grown-up! Kids grow up so quickly! That is exciting she made the competition soccer team! GO MADI!

Lilly looks like she is doing so well! I LOVE all three of the little girl's hair-dos! How fun! And I LOVE Madi's hair short! What a cute family you have! :D


SugarHouse Mama said...

You've been busy!

FullPlateMom said...

I love it! The girls look wonderful and happy. I LOVE the matching outfits on your two big girls. They look like they're so bonded to each other, just like sisters should be.

I love the idea of sealing. Between that and FHE, I've learned all kinds of things about the LDS Church that I think are just awesome. Congrats on your forever daughter!

Lois said...

What an awesome summer you guys had. It's time to get together, they look OLDER and it hasn't been that long. With every one in school we will expect a few more posts!

Sarah said...

I loved the pictures. Wow what a wonderful day for your family. Lilly looks so happy!