Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Does the Dentist Cut Hair?

I caught Sierra talking on her pretend cell phone yesterday. She was talking to Daddy. She said, "Mom is making me clean my room and it's just horrible. Maybe you should take Mommy to the dentist and cut off all her hair if she doesn't be nice and buy me a treat."

What can I say? It had definitely been a rough day. She spilled nail polish all over the carpet and then refused to clean up her room even with my help. She is a strong-minded one!
...counting the days until preschool starts....three hours per day, four days per week....(just maybe I'll have more time to blog).


Melissa said...

"dont you make me turn this car around!!!...or take you to the dentist!" tee hee they are so funny. ava says she needs to have her best friends sierra and savanna over to play, i need to give you a call :)

Terry Family said...

Come on, Mom, making her clean her room and WITHOUT a treat?!! Don't worry, I know ALL about those strong-minded ones -- I have a 3-year-old myself that I'm counting down the days until preschool. Let's hope that the days are short for all of us!

p.s. I sure hope the nail polish came out!


Anonymous said...

cute baby's... they must need the dental care...

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C&CSant said...

What preschool does she go that is that long? Sign me up. Lol!