Monday, June 29, 2009

To Throw a Tooth...or Money

Lilly lost 2 teeth in 3 days. She told us in Ghana, they throw the tooth on the roof. We told her in America, the Tooth Fairy comes and takes the tooth and leaves money in its place. Any guess which she wanted to do? ....SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!
She didn't understand what in the heck the Tooth Fairy wanted her teeth for. Madison told her that she builds tooth castles with them. She seemed OK with that. (Doesn't she look adorable with her "long, flowing" braids? She loves them!!!)


The Hullingers said...

It is all about the money here. The tooth fairy leaves "gold" dollars for our boys, which they call Pirate Money. I wonder what it will be called when the girls start losing teeth?

Lilly's braids look awesome. Your new family picture is beautiful!

Laurel said...

Love the braids? Did you do them? Are they yarn braids? Great job!!!

I did braids this week. Rachel has 164 braids, and Sarah has 112. Takes a long time, but I sure like that they last so long.

mama of 13

Steve and Narda said...

Yes. I did the braids. I learned with the twins how to do them. They are yarn, which I think are easier to put in than synthetic...also lighter weight for her.

I didn't count how many...lots!