Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Fun Trip One

For summer vacation this year, we are not going anywhere big or expensive. We have decided to take little day trips here or there each week to keep costs down.

So our first summer trip was riding a train. ( pictures....the camera was left in the car.)

We drove to Salt Lake, parked our car and bought a group pass on the Frontrunner commuter train to Ogden ($10 for me, my four children, plus a friend for Madi.) We got off in Ogden with the intent of touring the free Disney Train (promoting the new movie "A Christmas Carol"). When we arrived, we learned it was a 2 to 3 hour wait to tour the train, so we decided to have lunch in Ogden and go back to Salt Lake.

When we returned in Salt Lake, we played in the fountains at Gateway. The kids had so much fun in the water. Here is a picture of Madison and her cousin at the fountains from our trip there last summer.


Melissa said...

you tried to go see the train too? what a mess. i was super disappointed but the kids all seemed to be happy though, i think they just wanted out of the house. oh well. at least we tried! taking the front runner was an awesome idea!

Lois said...

Frontrunner and the fountains, what a fun day. There's so much to do around Salt Lake, you'll have a fun summer!