Friday, June 12, 2009

Stealing with a Kiss

Savannah is our girlie girl. She loves dressing up, looking pretty, and is a little princess. Often when she sees me wearing lipstick, she steals it from my lips by kissing me.

Sunday at church, she was sitting on my lap and gave me a big kiss and stole my lipstick. She immediately showed Lilly that she was now wearing mom's lipstick. She asked Lilly, "Do you want some lipstick too?" Lilly said yes. I thought Savannah would direct her to my lips, but instead Savannah planted a big kiss on Lilly and shared her stolen lipstick with her sister.

Aawww....the adjustment is going so much more worries about germ sharing.


Laurel said...

What a sweet story! Glad things are going better.

I can so relate to the challenges of adopting an older child. Times that by 3 at a time ... and you have CHALLENGE.

mama of 13

Alisa said...

That is really sweet! I've enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks for sharing.