Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

I'm goin' to Ghana!!! I leave on Saturday. I will arrive in Ghana Sunday evening. I'm hoping to visit the embassy Monday morning, although Kingsley has already started the work on our Visa for us. If all goes well, I'll leave Ghana on Monday, the 16th and have Lilly home the evening of the 17th...wearing green (don't want her to be pinched on arrival by three eager

This has been a remarkable journey thus far. It has been a great reminder to us of the love Heavenly Father has for our family and this sweet little girl in a remote area of Ghana. We are so glad we followed the promptings of the Spirit and never looked back. We are also grateful for all the friends we have made in the process and for their unselfish, loving guidance, service and encouragement.

I don't think Steve will keep up on the blog while I'm gone, but you never know...he's always full of surprises, so check back in on occasion. I'll blog again when I get home with our daughter!!!


Heidi said...

Narda I am so excited for you! How wonderful! it has been fun to follow all of your success. We send our love.

Cristina said...

Congrats!! I don't even remember how I found your blog but I'm excited for you to add to your family and wanted to let you know. I hope everything goes well for you!! cristina naylor

BJ said...

This is so awesome. We cannot wait to meet her and hear all about your trip.

Wendi said...

Narda I am THRILLED for you guys!! Can't wait to hear the details.