Friday, March 13, 2009

Good news!

I just wanted to give a few quick updates from my latest conversations with Narda, but first the good news, We have a VISA! I couldn't contact Narda today as she's not near a phone, but I got confirmation from 2 sources that the VISA was received this morning. So everything is in order and they will leave Ghana Monday evening and arrive home Tuesday evening. So just a few days more until I get to see Lilly again and we'll be together as a group for the first time.

Up until today her trip was very busy. She had traveled every day of her visit too Accra thus far. She told me she had she had spent so little time at the school that she had only eaten 2 meals there so far. I later found that was twice as many showers as she's been able to take as the water has been out for most of her visit. It sounded like she's hardly had a chance to catch her breath. She has just loved her time with Lilly and has bonded very well with her. She sounds so happy despite the crazy schedule and lack of sleep.

I did get word that she left for Cape Coast to spend Friday and Saturday. She was so looking forward to visiting Cape Coast and the Rain Forrest, so she's getting her wish. I'm sure she'll enjoy staying in a nice hotel for a night and getting a good shower. It will be nice for her to no longer have to worry about everything comming together and now she can relax and enjoy.

Sunday she has been invited over to Lilly's uncles house to meet the family and have a little get together. She was so happy to see where her family lives and learn more about her roots.

So all is well with the Emetts and we feel very blessed and happy! Thanks for all of your prayers and thoughts.


Lois said...

I have been waiting all day for you to post so I could!lol Best possible news for your family, congrats again.
Now I'll try be patient before coming for a visit with my Lilly :) she can't stand the wait either!

The Hullingers said...


That is awesome news. We can't wait to meet Lilly either!

Feliza said...

Congratulations again! Can't wait to meet her!

Sarah said...

We are soooo happy for you. So our two little girls must be friends then right? That is neat that they are both coming to Utah! I am very excited to see the movie. Thanks for your post!

JL said...

Congratulations, Narda! I was on my friend's blog (Jenifer Terry) and noticed your comment and was pleasantly surprised to find out what a small world it is! I loved reading your blog. What an adorable family! Best wishes on your trip home and all the fun that will come with 4 girls. I'd love to hear from you sometime. No blog, but you can see a few outdated pictures and reach me via e-mail if you check out Take care. Love, Jennilyn

SugarHouse Mama said...

YEAH! We are SO excited to have Lily here! I can't wait to see how Adjoa reacts when she sees her. Of course, she'll probably just be confused and wonder what on earth is happening. lol. I hope it makes the world feel smaller to her, though.