Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Orphan At Luckyhill Needs Your Help

A little boy named William was badly burned a few weeks ago. He is an orphan from Luckyhill. The same orphanage were we adopted Lilly. His sister is Patience who I have mentioned in previous blog entries.

He ran into a field that had been burned and I guess it was still smoldering. Here are some pictures of his feet.

Kingsley has done what he can for him. He has gone to the hospital and has been treated by a doctor, but this is costly and they are not keeping his feet bandaged the way they should. A pediatric nurse from the States who happens to be adopting a child from Luckyhill is going over to take care of him and to train the staff of Luckyhill how to care for his burn until it is fully healed. She is trying to gather needed supplies or money to cover some of the medical costs for William.

If you are able, please send monetary donations payable to Luckyhill to Lois Martino. A little bit goes a long ways in Ghana.

3220 East Horse Thief Dr.
Heber City, UT84032.

If you would rather donate supplies, please visit Becky's blog to see what is still needed. You can leave me a comment or email me and I will send you her address.

Thanks for your help. This little boy needs all the love he can get!

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