Monday, November 10, 2008

Walking in the Light of God

We had our home visit by our social worker Thursday and it all went well. We should have our completed homestudy this week!

Saturday night we went to a concert by the African Children's Choir. It was wonderful. I loved watching the children perform songs and dances from Africa. They ended with "Walking in the Light of God." I love it. Our kids love watching it over and over on youtube. Enjoy!!!

We also got to meet Lois and her daughter from Ghana, Lily. They met us at the concert. Lois is fun to talk with and Lily is beautiful. We also met another couple adopting from Luckyhill. So, it was a great night. I can't wait to meet Saviour and hear her little voice again! The way things are going with passports in Ghana, I am not as optimistic that we will be able to bring her home in January or February. I'm guessing it may be more like April or May. We will get everything done on our end and then leave it in the Lord's hands and pray that the process will go smoothly in Ghana.


Samuel (and Parents) said...

I had meant to ask you on Saturday how your homestudy was! Congratulations!!! Such a great step to finish!!! It was wonderful meeting you. Thank you so much for getting the tickets. And thank you for your support!

Nathan and Dianna Wiley said...

I found your blog through Camey Sant's.. I love blogging, I think its a fun way to journal, and keep family and friends posted to what's happening! I am inspired by you, and your faith. I love reading about your soon-to-be member of your family, what an inspiration!! How old is she? I am anxious to hear more! We'll see you in church!